Friday, January 18, 2013

Man up, prepare accordingly

Although it is entertaining to web surf and read doom and gloom scenarios that correspond to our own beliefs, here is the POINT!   We already know all we need to know in order to take appropriate actions to prepare accordingly.    Wasting time, or thinking that somehow by posting comments about "the system is effed up" that we are improving things.   

We already know enough.    Don't fritter away your time.   Don't have a zeal to try to sway people to align their beliefs with yours, except for a very small group which is both likely to be affectable, AND will help you in the future.
  • This from a poster on Zero-Hedge
  • Take Concrete Action to Align your Actions with Your Beliefs
  • Distance Yourself to whatever extent reasonable from all elements of the Broken System
  • Put your money where your mind is – financially support your deepest beliefs and convictions
  • Remove all but 10-15% of your net worth from the banking system/ financial markets
  • Take the Hit, and Close all retirement Accounts – and store the CASH yourself
  • CASH your paychecks – leave just enough in Small banks or Credit Unions to pay the bills
  • Become your own Central Banker – Put 10-20% of net worth in Physical Gold & Silver
  • Effectively Secure and Defend your Cash and Valuables
  • Limit your trading and investment exposure to financial instruments to 10-15% of net worth
  • Pay down all debts to whatever extent possible. ZERO DEBT is the ultimate goal.
  • Pay ALL credit cards used for convenience IN FULL each billing cycle
  • VOTE ONLY for LOCAL representation, especially for your local Sheriff’s
  • Don’t Vote in National Elections – What’s the point
  • Never fear expressing your 1st amendment rights in proper context and manner
  • Never abandoned the god-given inalienable right to defend your life and lawful property
  • Avoid the consumerism trap – Save and Spend money wisely and prudently
  • Conduct yourself like an enlightened gentleman of disciplined reason and sound conviction
  • Take all other Prudent Measures you deem necessary to align your actions with your beliefs
It's hightime for all macho "the-systems-fucked-whiners" to man-up and start conducting their affairs accordingly.


  1. Might want to add to the list:
    Learn practical living skills like gardening, small livestock rearing, and purchase the tools necessary to cultivate your own food, should the need arise.

  2. Yep, best to be ready, spend money and time buying the equipment and learning the knowledge.

  3. Good advice, thanks! Got to start making preparations. My first step was to make money on Japan's debt implosion.

  4. Yep, for now fiat currency is the universal tool.


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