Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Railfax, Silver Coin Treasure, IYT 2 day candles

Railfax is good stuff. Every January seems a huge drop off, so the current one is nothing to get all excited about. We are quite a bit better off than 2009 though.
 IYT looks like a great short, although you need to be ready for a retrace at least halfway up that big down candle.

Can you spot the silver coin in this pocket change?

 Who'd of thunk it?   I didn't know the Bernank was married to Ayn Rand
 This was my setup for long Yen
It has played out with yen getting alittle stronger, with ALOT of 78 retracements to wipe out lots of betters.

TLT is a tasty short, working so far


  1. Transports are at new highs, but they reached new highs in 2007 just weeks before the big plunge began. too many are speculating that new highs in transports mean new highs in other indexes or a continuing "recovery". Not so.

  2. I know, the drums beat for "trannies confirmed the bull market", time will tell, but a "good" correction of up to 10% could recharge the market for a continued run, although the powers that be will jaw bone to keep investros from profiting on the drop, except for stops outs at the 8% level....HBB will profit from getting those hit.


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