Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Deaths for Guns and Ladders

From Dec 14 to Feb 1, there were

53,100 deaths related to Tobacco usage

49,000 deaths related to Obesity

13,275 deaths due to alcohol usage

4,000 deaths due to automobiles

2465 deaths related to sexual activity

1,490 deaths due to ladders/falls

1,280 deaths due to all types of gun usage

Seems that guns are one of the safest things around, and that with a little education, could be extremely safe, while performing important functions that nothing else can.

Source CDC, NCBI, Liberty Mutual


  1. One of the most dangerious things ever invented is the fork?!?

  2. Huuwah, you nailed it.

    Regulate those forks, and chopsticks too!

  3. gun control arguments are so fundamentally flawed that they dare not look at crime statistics, nor reason from logic. these are purely emotional suggestions that attack liberty because these cowards feel more safe when we are less free.


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