Tuesday, March 12, 2013

To Da Moon Alice! and Fukushima rant

I started following the moon for trading in 2006.

Oftentimes the moon, full or no moon, will correlate to tops or bottoms, and maybe a day or two after the moon, rarely three. And it will be very accurate for months, and then it will just decorrelate for a while until you stop watching it, LOL, and then BOOM back in lock step with the moon

March 11, was a new moon, and anniversary of the Japan Earthquake / Fukushima

BTW Fukushima is still "going off". The melted cores from three reactors are partly in the reactor remnants and partly underground, they cool them with water, and then pump up some of the water into tanks. The whole surrounding area of the nuclear plant is now one massive water tank farm. TEPCO just announced that they just can't keep storing water, and they are going to resort to dumping directly into the ocean.

 Much of the core cooling water (picture a few large swimming pools full a day)goes into the ground water anyway, and then into the ocean. Cesium levels in the ocean are not dropping at all.

AND by the way, the Japanese ALL know that their government cannot be trusted and that the government is allowing Fukushima to poison them, but they have no good options. They also know that the US nuclear cartel (military/industrial war machine) did push Japan into nuclear in the 1950's and is now pushing Japan to resume nuclear power production.

On that cheery note, here is the moon chart. Matt from Breakpoint Trades keeps this chart updated, and posts it on the members only blog when the moon approacheth so you don't have the moon sneak up on you! Thanks Matt!

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