Wednesday, March 27, 2013

VOS painted a heck of a hammer and a touch low

Wow Check this hammer, that is very bearish for equities, VOX should rocket up.   And its a full moon.

 And Silver from Breakpoint Trades....this portends a big move.


  1. That is one heck of a hammer candle on VOS!

    I bought SLV today. Am all in on pm stocks as of a few days ago.

    Brace yourselves everyone, this could get "interesting".

  2. Indeed. I am looking at selling naked puts on miners, let me know if you have some favorite tickers. Worse thing that can happen is I own the stock at a lower price.

  3. Steve, Are you still expecting for the US equities to head south?

  4. I did a brand new post, lots of good chart, hope you like them. Short answer is yes, south for awhile, at least some asset classes will move down right away for several days.

    Check it out.


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