Friday, August 16, 2013

Big Bens Ego

I saw this posted on the Slope of Hope, love that site!

Coyote Roadkill
The ego is a funny thing. For some it must be fed, nourished or the satisfaction level withers for the user. The question about Big Ben is just how strong is his ego? Right now his legacy is going to be rather sad in that all his intellectual power was wasted doing a simple thing anyone could do, print money. He wants to leave next year with something credible to affect his history at the Fed. Like being able to actually withdraw liquidity.

In my opinion his ego isn't big enough for him to obviously damage the market by wanting to change direction of Fed policy. He will go out a failure in his mind but true to his loyalty to country, he will swallow hard and think it was worth it.
Here is the link to Tim Knight's Slope of Hope

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