Monday, September 9, 2013

Excellent Bernoulli Channel on the Dow Transports

Ol crazy Oscar Carboni tells me that the Transports are a leader.

The Transports appear to have pushed the irrational exuberance to the top top of the Channel.

The Bernoulli 177 is the top outermost channel.    It could go ping the channel again, or it could in the towel here at the near term 78 Fibonacci retracement.

Drop a comment, is anybody out there, lol.   Smoked bear is not a good smell.

Long Term

Medium Term

 Short Term

The leader looks pretty sick, or at least exhausted, lets say.  What say you?


  1. Hey Steveo...well, we are in a deep retracement in stocks that could surprise everyone, so the timing is right.

    Can you update that large egg with a diagonal you had that involved a bond ratio?

    I sent you an e-mail but didn't see a reply a few days ago.

  2. Bond indicator updated on new post.

    I did reply to your email, a long reply, check junk mail


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