Friday, September 20, 2013

Fall Equinox and Full Moon.

You know that eclipses and full or no moons happen together?   Right?     Some people pretend that because they happen together it is a special event, stronger than normal.     That would be BS.

But the full moon doesn't have to line up with any of the equinoxes.  

Sunday is the fall equinox, the 22nd.     Equinox and solstice are always on the 21st or 22nd. 

They are times of change.    The full moon lines up pretty well, that was yesterday.    

And we are the top of a channel, and Big Ben has inspired MORE CONFIDENCE by doing jawboning that he is taking away the punchbowl and then just leaving the punchbowl out for now.       So to accelerate out of this channel doesn't make sense.   

This is a good risk short zone.    Maybe look at some of the evil empire too like GS and MS.

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