Monday, December 2, 2013

Floating Above the Long Term Bernoulli Channel

Odd behavior, 7 trading days outside the Bernoulli.    Often times, there will be just a quick pop type overthrow.     Its a sign of the times....exuberance and QE.  

Methinks this market head down now.     Classic trick...a last minute shakeout to knock out some bulls, and then rally for Santa.    

December is an up month 80% of the time.

Considering selling some PM (from one entity to another) to create a loss for tax purposes.    
The size of the stack remains the same....see how that works?


  1. Stevo, seems too predictable to BTFD at the close today even though its been 100% accurate last 100 weeks. felt like sucking sound eod this time. Nazzy only reason the house of cards didn't puke, me thinks. stayed short and hoping the trap door opens hard and the exit door not big enough for the bulls in the china shop to escape fast enough.

  2. Yep could see another 4% to 6% down to shake out the bullls. they set stops around 7% total, already down 2.5%


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