Friday, December 6, 2013

Today "Jobs" exuberent pop, was a fake, a perfect backtest of the Channel

I shorted the pre-open. The S&P Futures (ES) showed a perfect pop to the channel line. Not quite a 78 Fibo of the recent downtrend, but I like my Bernoulli Channels better than the horizontal Fibonacci. Bernoulli is my adaptation of Fibonacci principles, but put into uptrends and downtrends, since there are always fundamental headwinds and tailwinds blowing the market. Drop a comment.


And Thinkorswim, man they used to be awesome before the evil empire, TDAmeritrade bought them.    I used to trade on their charts, which were intuitive, had great fills, could even make consistent money trading the nighttime futures.      The charts are still intuitive, but all the rest of what really matters is now crap.   Amazing how the big brokers can destroy the system.   I won't trade on TOS anymore.   But still love the charts.....

Except  this morning....when big moves happen, when it matters the most, if you were only looking at the 15 minute chart, you would have been looking at incorrect data, and been a deer in the headlights, see the lower chart.    Sad.

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