Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Doctor Copper Could Be Signaling a Large Move

MISH had this posted up with thoughts of a "breakdown" in copper.

Turns out MISH was 100% correct! 


  1. Certainly, its a key commodity to watch.

    WTIC Oil is in imminent danger of losing the $90 threshold.... it'd be suggestive of similar weakness for Copper.

  2. You were correct! Wish I had seen your comment, LOL

  3. The $90 threshold was pretty obvious critical floor... even to me. Kinda bemused more didn't see that one.

    ... now the issue is where is the floor?

    Best guess... somewhere in the $35/30 zone. I see a few touting 20s.. but really, that seems extremely unlikely, even on a brief spike lower.

  4. Thanks Guy.

    Everyone keeps saying this market is about to crash, what a load of crap.

    Have a look at this guy from the US, his calls on the market have been killer and rediculously accurate ==>

    He is saying we are about to ROCKET higher on the stock market!

    24 hours later, we are up. This market is not dying yet. No way. NASDAQ is at 15 year highs! WOW.

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