Friday, July 5, 2019

California Quake Swarm -- Unusual, and Deserving Great Attention - I'll Show You Why

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Great, after promoting a great chemtrailing video, and hitting on other Deep State censorship issues....Blogger has effectively killed my site of 8 years of hard work, intuition, exposing the shit that is controlling us, bleeding us, poisoning us, and even through natural causes, just endangering us.

And now the great quake swarm of 2019, we warned of July 1, with a Geoeffective Coronal Hole (GCH)

In the last 5 years there have been 2045 EQ over 2.5M in this area.   In the last 2 days there have been over 200 concentrated over one area, including a 6+ and 5+.

Note that the classic drawn fault lines do not appear to be the "correct" fault lines, AND California looks like more of a fault field than a strict line.

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