Tuesday, June 23, 2009

CPOD Chicken Pick of the Day

Oh, my bad, QQQQ is not a CPOD, but then...why hasnt anyone noticed this bear flag ....although kind of steep....storing energy to rocket downward.

The yellow highlighting is bearish candlestick patterns. Old school stuff. Really works well over the 2 to 4 day span...if the overall trend if right.
If Big Ben decides to throw $1T from our grandschildrens pockets at the market, well then....we might get on run up on these CPOD if with the Candlestick Pattern.

My brother came up with a saying, probably after I shorted SAFM, he coined the CPOD, chicken pick of the day....could be any stock, but it won't be Mircosoft, Cisco, Goog.

Any semi-goofy stock. Not the ones the quants and Hal 2000's play.

These are great to short or long whenever, but maybe especially now, where you have a core position and you want to go toward delta neutral with some other picks that might appreciate greatly. These CPOD will move 2 or 3 times as much as the indices....after you picked them for special patterns.

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