Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Found some leverage in one account -- and trusted a sketchy trend line

Okay, this is in fact a real life drama. A few bloggers on Evil Sepculator, Xtrends, and Slope of Hope indicated that they way prefer the tick to the minute data on charts. I have been trying it and I have determined that I prefer, well, both.

The tick data sums up data over longer time period s when trding is slow, and when I draw trend lines on TOS tick data, the trend lines automatically move somewhat. Still havent figured this out. however, I did trust this line to put capital at risk and lets see how it plays out. After a three point ES move I might set a trailing stop or buy to cover stop. We will see. You would be remiss not to start watching tick, and try watching tick and minute (whatever, 1, 3, 5, 15) side by side. Actually, the 13 minute data is my favorite. It is not unlucky, even on a spooky no moon night.



  1. The futures are not up as much now. If you didn't cover, you scored a winner. Cha ching!

  2. Yes, closed a winner,
    then got worked over today at end of day.


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