Monday, July 13, 2009

Dark Wave sentiment

The sentiment I see and feel on the street is dark, very dark.

Most people might not notice, but I do tune in to it. Its the way people drive, 4 times worse than normal, manner at the grocery store, saw one guy walking down the street just ranting to himself (and no this ain't downtown)

Sentiment on blogs almost the same, people taking pot shots and then just apologizing, arguing in a less nice way. These are the fringes of the dark wave.

We all know even if a rally occurs, its a bullshit rally, Even if we all agree this is no longer a bear market rally, but a real bull, we would still all agree that it is real bullshit.

So my watchful, but also realize that you too will be affected by the Dark Wave and so try to be nice to others. Make it a point. Realize that when you about to go off, that it the Dark Wave speaking to you, and reign it in, operate at a higher level. Stay focused, and keep time for the market. Who isnt burnt out? Right here in the middle of a boring slow summer trading season, yes, indeed, this is where the coin will be banked...if you don't let the Dark Wave overpower you.

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