Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The head and shoulders line appears to be strong

Even I am getting sick of saying head and shoulders, but until it does the big dirt nap, I must consider it in play.

I need to add this: when a line is obviously a line in the sand and it is tested repeatedly, it will either be rejected strongly or broken strongly. I have seen lines be tested up to 7 times. If there are any bears out there that haven't caved in, on the break of this line, you sure better think about it. Until this line breaks by a significant amount (not a fake break) I am holding short. God save you if you do as I do.

Another note. I rebooted my main computer last night, shortly after the eclipse passed. It wouldn't even bring up the infamous BSOD, it went directly to a CHKDSK which continuously found file structure faults, without stop. Had to use Norton 14 recovery disk and re-image to a third normal form from 2007 in order to get anything to work. Eclipse effect? Who knows. Perfectly bad timing? Maybe not. Perhaps doing nothing on the trading front was the best possible move.


  1. my dog was up most of the night acting weird. Never seen her like that before.

  2. Thanks for the comment.

    Its some serious stuff that shouldn't be unknown. I spent a few weekends researching what I jokingly call the "Astro Freak stuff" and my take was that the full moon AFTER a total solar eclipse is when things get wild. Today is a new moon (no moon)

  3. Here's something to add to the confusion Steve. I do find this stuff fascinating to follow, even if it's a little Astro Freaky. LOL Enjoy.


  4. Keirsten, thanks for the link, that one is a keeper.

  5. I'm completely 100% short from yesterday. A bit early, but you never know. Appreciate your blog, Steve!

  6. According to an article from an Australian paper, the Glympie Times dated July 8th, the largest sunspot ever recorded, 60to 80 times the size of the earth has appeared on the sun. Sunspots can cause electrical interferences on the Earth which is detailed in the article.
    The article appears on the July 9th thread at

  7. Steve, I think the H&S is dead. May be there will be downside but can you still call it H&S?


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