Friday, July 17, 2009

I SPY a New Channel

If this channel plays out, there can be an extended duration of Whipsaw for the Bulls and Bears alike. After all, GS needs some trading profits.

I'll keep this short -- The positive earnings we have seen have been based primarily upon one time events which are positive and/or exclusion of bad "one time events". Keep that in mind as the earnings spin continues throughout the month.

Next week has some major earnings reports, KO, SGP, QLGC, AAPL, AMD, CHRW, AMZN, EMC

Real companies, producing and delivering real products that we really want. Not just our financial overlords spinning stories to us.

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  1. Your suggesting that 'intangible' companies and 'equity' companies like banks aren't good bench marks?

    Rather, it must be earnings from 'genuine' companies?

    Agreeable, since Banks are purely accounting, and we already know what accting is all about.


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