Saturday, July 4, 2009

Lunar and Solar Eclipse this Month

On July 7th, there is a lunar eclipse, and then on July 22, 3 days after options expiration, there is a total solar eclipse. The new moon (no moon) is July 21, and full moon is July 6th and Aug 5th. Some people say that the eclipse is not as important as the full moon after the eclipse. Interesting stuff.

See picture.

However in 1991, there weren't any big market moves around July 11 (a total solar eclipse) on either the DJIA or SPX, or following that

However, on Monday Aug 19, 1991, there was a pretty good 6% panic selloff, although there weren't any economic reports out that Monday. See below.

1991 was a problematic year, besides the overall bank failures in that era, major life insurers were in deep trouble too. See prior post.

I am hoping that if there are some Astro-Freaks out there, that someone else could research a few other total eclipses and review market action adn moon phase around same time frame.

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