Monday, July 13, 2009

No price is too high when you are using someone else's MONEY

My thought would be this is Options Expiry week "antics". M,Tu,We are the big days, big price moves. They undoubtedly were able to sweep many short stops and scare a number of recent put buyers (CNBC hyping the head and shoulders) out of their positions. They also wanted to reclaim the 900 level on $SPX which they did with a frantic last 2 minutes of futures buying--over 130,000 futures in 2 minutes. Someone had ulterior motives since there is no need to purchase so quickly at a premium--futures keeps trading all night.

Overall daily volume was twice normal of the last month

See below on how to grow green shoots on a budget, only $5.8B to create an end of day "blip", of course using some State's employees retirement fund no doubt.

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