Sunday, August 30, 2009

One Chart to Rule Them All

We are at an inflection point.

This is probably my best work ever in charting. And what better subject to chart, than charts themselves. Comments appreciated. If anyone has way too much time on their hands, finds this chart approach interesting, and wants to get more historical data so that a deeper look into history, let me know and I will share the secrets of charting analysis of charts.


  1. Steveo,

    In looking at the chart, what's different than just left of the 160 has (July 2009 I think) and now with regard only to what is projected here?


  2. Trader_Steve, nice name....

    I am expecting a soft sideways market, a slight drop, or perchance, a primary 3 sled ride to Armageddon.

    The July 2009 Bullish chart minimum resulted in a small time will tell. Most of my leveraged bets are 2010 expiry the near term shenanigans won't matter that much. Being deep out of the money also keep delta changes to a minimum so that emotional aspects of near term increases in index prices is minimized.


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