Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The tribe will get smaller in numbers

As things deteriorate, you will see the "tribe" become smaller.
What this means is that peoples trust groups and association groups will get smaller.

People who used to feel part of their country, will now think more of their State, or County.

People will think less of their national union, and more of their local.

And in the end, with the saber tooth tigers attacking the village, the survival instinct of knowing that you can only stand back to back with your family in the final stand, will emerge.

As things progress, the tribe becomes smaller.

I have noticed even on financial blogs, that at times people get snippy, attacking, short. It's just part of the overall collective emotional response and need for cycles to keep us from getting too complacent so that the neighborboring tribe comes and takes everything. It creates the need to excel and push forward and evolve.

In case you had that question, now it's answered.

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