Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The bears are excited!! Watch out for a serious whipsaw

Don't get all giddy short here now. Pick your shorts for the next pump attempt.

Maintaining short positions that you can stomach through a big push up is OK, but expect it--a massive pump on the indices. Obama is calling BB and even Hank, saying what the heck is going on...just when we almost had the confidence levels up to the self sustaining point...how can we keep it going? We have too much invested to let this thing slip now. Lets get some money into the market.

Alot of people think that the market capitalization has some relation to our countries "wealth" and at this point I agree....It has an inverse correlation. Until we can start rebuilding from a much lower point, the irrational exuberance and living beyond our means is a big negative. S&P at 200 is a good solid base to build a wall of worry from.

We knew a big correction (or resumption of the current major trend which is down) was due, and it ran to ridiculous levels, and don't think it can't hit a higher high based on say $20B of futures poured into the market. And if S&P hits 1050...watch out for 1120 lickety split.

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