Saturday, September 5, 2009

Chart of Charts

Neutral and Bearish signals are popping into what used to be a fully bullish trend. Of course Friday was bullish, but that is a very bearish sign....super light volume, and the pro's already made their year...they are in the Hampton's just monitoring by occasional laptop sign in.


  1. great chart. I like the dog pic in the corner.
    So you think September's gonna be bad, as it is statistically?
    Great blog. You got mainly quality posts out here not seen elsewhere.
    Here's hoping you continue...

  2. Thanks. Not sure, the bearish and bullish readings are whipping around. They have done that before and then SPX went up, but usually after a decent drop, maybe we don't get much more than drop to 960 or 980. Or maybe the banking system blows up and we go to 200 in a month....times of complete uncertainty are often time for a trend change.

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  3. Extreme low volume in European stocks today. Another nothingburger.


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