Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Strong Hands Selling to Weak

I had this site as a bookmark on my desktop but never explored it.  I check 30 historical dates.
With the exception of last Friday with $800,000,000 of KO stock being sold into strength, It is not often that we see the type of selling the SPY and QQQQ into strength. 

The market makers are finding plenty of guillilble retail investors worried that they missed this rally.

You can download as an Excel spreadsheet, for one day.  But I could see compiling the data to one sheet and then running pivot table and pivot charts (this is a massively useful analytical function of Excel, not a stock pivot) and getting some insight into inter market money flows.

We will probably have money bouncing from one sector to another as the first sector tanks.  Watch as the money flow starts trickling down into that second sector and then get ready for some blood letting (SHORT!).

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