Thursday, October 1, 2009

Astro Freak Stuff

OK, so do I really believe the full on gamut of Astro Investing?  Well, as compared to what, I would have to state the relevancy only as a comparison to other events, triggers, "news".   

So for now, "just saying", but...

The Earth is composed of shifting plates, and some areas are "hot spots", and sometimes a build up of tension over time results in an earthquake.   But think about the "last straw", the gravitational pull of other system bodies such as the moon, planets, and sun, especially  when they act in unison or in opposition, or even at 90 degrees-- a pull me, slide me effect.

So I have not researched the current juxtaposition of all that, but just saying, it's a full moon coming and there have been some massive earthquakes just of late. 

An update on the:
Mercury Retrograde (which did incidentally, blow up my computer 2 days after I anticipatorily did a system image which saved me) is officially technically over but still in a very powerful phase, check out this link.

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