Monday, October 5, 2009

Bears are Fighting Amongst Themselves And Aussies Raise Rates and...

Chart of Charts interim report. As expected, today showed much more bullish patterns than bearish. I did a rough count of bullish candlesticks compared to bearish, and it was about 50 to 10.

Futures overnight were wild. 4000 and 5000 futures on ES being traded per the middle of the night. This may not be the top, but it certainly could be. I think the wheels are coming off of this cart as it careens downhill carrying a load of fertilizer for those green shoots....

Shorted EUR/USD and Shorted ES (might have nailed the top 1046, stop set at breakeven)

MISH and Denniger (2 Mega Bears) are now having a spat. How many signs of a top do we need to pile on this limping ol' camel's back?

What a combo post title, eh?

First of G20 to raise rates,28323,26172759-5016110,00.html

And a very interesting post on stop hunting. I learned that "they" (probably your broker) were working hard to stop you out, arbitrage your position to the true market value. Saw the effects of it anyway. Here is a good explanation.

Some reviews of Gain Capital for Forex Trading, looks horrendous.

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