Friday, October 9, 2009

DOBA and QQQQ Charts

The clip was My Cousin Vinny shall be used to help introduce the term DOBA.  Please review this, as you will need to be familiar with the term in order to understand the accuracy level of the following charts.

Also, keep in mind with Mole of Evil Speculator going on yet another vacation, and DavidDT of Trading to Win, also going on vacation,  there is little doubt in my mind that primary 2 is in imminent range of completion.

But really, when I was searching for My Cousin Vinny, I was thinking of a different clip, useful in demonstrating a confluence of events also in relation to Marisa Tomei's biological clock ticking (not to be confused with tick charts).
Please review.  And then take a look a the charts below and in your best Vinny accent, ask yourself....if there any other possible trendline or point of resitance that we could pile on to the QQQQ at this time!!!!

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  1. Steve, I like the correlation! Do you remember when TK went skiing last season? TANK time! LOL

    Anyway.. stop by where I'm subbing for David and look at the COT report on the Euro and USD this week. Could be another heads up clue going forward?



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