Thursday, October 8, 2009

XLF and Poll Results

To say that this market is "tiresome" is an incredible understatement.  Faced with horrific fundamentals, statistics (aka lies), and false confidence, we should still be prepared to accept any level of market absurdity.

Patterns aren't working.   EW isn't working.  Fundamentals aren't working. 

A dozen active blog participants have disappeared.

Right at this point my intention was to flatten all of my accounts.  Remove all positions to cash, and just wait to come back in when some type of clarity has presented itself. 

I have reached the tipping point.  Enough is Enough.  This absurditiy is too tiring, too time wasting.   Creating too much of a disrespect for my fellow humans who acts as greater fool lemmings.   To have an understanding of this market is to embrace the absurditiy of the human condition, and to be not that pleased with it.

And for all these reasons, I am not flattening my accounts.  Primarily short with some long commodities and PM plays.   Long USD (effectively same as short equities), via calls on UUP.


  1. Hang in there. When reality hits the market; SPX500 at 800 or less. Just bet small for now.

    thx for the blog

  2. I totally agree and feel your pain. I'm wore out and need a break.


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