Tuesday, October 13, 2009

High Quality Bonds Versus The Dow Jones.

A current line of thinking is....if the dollar becomes worthless, everyone knows that the stock market goes up as the dollar goes down.  Therefore, if you "buy" real assets (a company) by investing in stocks, you are protected from hyperinflation.  Yeah, a blip on the computer screen (your ticker price) is not "wealth", it is not even a paper asset come to think of it.

The good part of this type of thinking is:  Boy I hope this world never changes, because now that I can see through the balderdash, I can make money.

The sad part of this is: Boy, the world has learned absolutely nothing.  This "rally" has taught the sheeples that the cure for easy money and excessive risk taking, is, well....more fuel on the fire, more cheap money and continued high risk investments and that promote share holder value.  Ouch.


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