Thursday, November 5, 2009

Ghastly Rhyming -- An Amazing Nearly Duplicate H&S

If you don't know Fibonacci and Head and Shoulders Patterns, stop wasting your time here.  It will be of no matter to you if you do not understand the basics.

That said, these little nuggets are some of my best work outside of my Chart of Charts which needs to be partly automated or it is just too laborious to produce.  The price targets on the lower chart were posted on Tuesday, after the big Fed sell-off.   The wizard is hard at work, but the wizard is beholden to the Government who needs to fool the people into thinking higher priced 401K's are making them better off.

This is all pretty sad, however, minimize your wasted energy on that matter.  And figure out how to make some money, you are going to need it.   You can also buy physical gold, while shorting GLD. 

Then buy more physical with the proceeds of the GLD short.  And don't forget the bullets.

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