Thursday, November 5, 2009

Dow 10,000, yeah!!!!

Headlines everywhere I am sure.

Is retail really fooled?  I am sure some are.

Or can I put on my tin hat....and say this rally is predictable (hell even this perma bear predicted this, just my futures  hedging calculation was off, for reasons that make no sense and will probably take hours to figure out why).   But also rally is predictable because there are trillions of dollars that need to be offloaded to that retail, or I hate to say, Government employee retirement funds, that see to be sold to be smooth salesman "investment advisors". 

You know who is buying stuff these days?  Government employees.  Their wages have gone up 30% in a same time span as average wages up 10%.   And new retirement benefits are being increased.

Observe and react as best you can.

But keep in mind....distribution from strong to weak.  That is the name of the game of the life sucking squid perched on our faces....Humongous Bank and Broker. 

Many great bloggers are getting sick of the game, sick of the snark, sick of being insulted by people who are benefitting from their freely provided hard work.    Its the sign of the times.

I capitulate, now the market can finish its topping process sub rally.....

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