Monday, November 16, 2009

Theories about Theories

Since this blog is about Charts and Theories, and since I have Charts of Charts, I might as well have

Theories about Theories.

Strolling the blogosphere, I see that a proponderance of bloggers and commentors are talking theories about how to trade, but very little about actual trades....hmmmm, everyone is being whipsawed...the perfect ending to an HBB run money grab and combo confidence builder.

Everyone is talking about how a "trading plan" can somehow replace the need to "be right".   This market is tricky, it always is, but this is particularly tricky.  After all, this game is for all the money in the world, maybe even money that hasnt even been created or earned yet.

And thus, on this note, I pronounce this the top, giving another push to 1120 or 1125 a chance.  Well, TOP, we knew thee least for a longer time than expected.   See you in 7 to 8 years.....

Nikkei futures looking spooky, Awwooooo, Werewolves of Toe-kay-oo (sung to a combination of Warren Zevon and Deep Purple).

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