Saturday, November 7, 2009


Recently, I have been called Un-American on a blog, naming another large blogger (intials TK) as also being un-America

As far as I can digest their argument, they take this view because "I think the market is too high."

Has anyone read the Constitution? Bill of rights? Quotes of our Founding Fathers?
Many of these are premiscient in terms of events that are currently unfolding.

I can hardly imagine anyone besides myself being a bigger supporter of America...I sure there are those have sacrificed dearly who deserve a higher level of "Being American",  than just those like me who are in ideological respect for the concepts of "America".

I have not served our country in the the military, although I proud to have worked for over  two decades with those in the military, and for the most part they are really excellent people, who have lately been put at severe risk and strain and stress. My Father and one of my Brothers served in the Armed Forces.

The market being this high is not a sign a strength, it is a sign of weakness, of corruption of the system.  Of distribution from strong hands to weak hands.  Of social inequity.

GO AMERICA --- and think of "Point of Recognition" ---to change for the better.

Complacency and complaints without action will end up with a transparent parchment of a Constitution.


  1. Man - your comment rulea are tough - I wanted to paste Jesse Livermore quote - I cannot even paste...

  2. "Wall Street never changes, the pocket change, the suckers change, but Wall Street never changes, because human nature never changes" Jesse Livermore

  3. DavidDT
    Thanks for stopping by.
    I just did this post as a copy and paste from Word, using right click “copy” then right click “paste”. But I agree…this blogger posting is squirrely.
    Sometimes on other venues I use CTRL-C (copy), and CTRL-V (paste), which are really fast keyboard shortcuts that everyone should know about.


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