Thursday, December 3, 2009

How to Make a Million Dollars

First get $999,999 and put it in your account.

Now short the Nikkei, with say $10.  That should be enough to get you to a million.


  1. Steve,
    This looks a little like the OIH chart...upsloping neckline and breakdown... of course, alot of things look like that lately.

    Also, I shorted ANF last week (based mainly on it's proclivity for crashing after moving way outside the upper bollinger band... sitting on some decent gains (for once)) thanks again for chatting with me about it. CHeers,
    Richard (theCrowe)

  2. the Crowe, thanks for visiting and commenting. I am honored...your avatar is always a riot.

    ANF what a move! Good work. What timeframe do you watch the BB on? (I don't mean Bernanke)

    I posted ANF on my blog, hat tip to you.

    Check PTQMF...they bribed enough Panamanian officials to get approval to go into gold production.

    I haven't entered the Nikkei trade yet...waiting for weakness. Not sure what hours it trades, but it is not continuous like ES.

  3. "waiting for weakness? It looks like a great H&S that ia retesting the broken neckline. I would think you sell it here and your stop if over the RS.

    Good luck,
    Trader Steve

  4. Trader Steve,
    What I have been doing lately is waiting for a drop to 9900 ( 5 to 10 points) from 9905 or 9910. Minor weakness. Better than just placing a market order short...see it at least start to move the right direction. Keeps me out of most trouble.


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