Saturday, December 26, 2009

Volcker Interview

No doubt, Mr. Obama has a gift, the gift of gab.   But listening to the same old, old school corruption chearleaders is not going to get the job done, no matter how eloquently that non-sense is phrased.

Volcker is not in that old school corruption camp, he forced the US to take it's medicine and we became healthier by that.

SPIEGEL: As chairman of the Economic Recovery Advisory Board, you advise President Barack Obama on how to prevent such a recurrence. Is he following your guidance?

Volcker: We have various working groups that work on and make recommendations on particular problems like retirement programs and social security. We made some recommendations on financial reforms, which were not accepted, but that is part of the game. The president is more eloquent than I can be on these issues. Getting it done as compared to talking about it is a problem, but we have some suggestions along that line.,1518,666757,00.html

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