Saturday, January 9, 2010

Bears and Tigers and Vampires, oh my....

It's tough to be a bear these days.  Fear of missing out on "the upcoming rally", is just part of the fear and greed that drives the market.

And its the year of the Tiger, but Tiger Woods might feel different about that, he feels more like a Cheetah!

And lastly, last year we were pimping out the idea that a fascination with the Macabre including Vampires was a sign of a dark social mood.   Check this link.
Keep an eye on Bonds.

PIMCO is trying to scare people out of equities---and thus "diversify" into bonds.  PIMCO sold its soul to the devil last year.

Bonds can be crushed, check out TBT.

Now, we will go hiking to Manoa Falls, a tall waterfall just 20 minutes from Downtown Honolulu.
Clear your head, don't let the spin-meisters get into it.   

It's hard to do -- this game is for all the money in the world-- and the oligarchy of our financial overlords, the corporately controlled mass media, and many governments all have vested interests that are opposite to your own interests.
When this rally starts to seem "believable", is when it will tragically turn.

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