Sunday, January 10, 2010

Chart of Charts

The infamous Chart of Charts

All 3 crossovers show bullish.
There are a goodly amount of stocks ready to breakout, at least earlier in the week.  Friday saw that number drop.

Of those ready to breakout, about 2/3 are normally bullish patterns, about 1/3 bearish.

The heat map basically nothing.  If in bullish positions, no need to sell them off.

There are a few double tops and double bottoms, which are some of the best performing patterns.

Last year, stocks were really moving in accord with moon phase, but that can be strictly coincidence, then they broke that trend as the permanently increasing price "government policy" went into affect.

This Thursday is a new moon.

Funny, also how no one is even talking about this being options expiration week.  And last week was very small changes in the NYSE McClennan oscillator, 3 in a row, which is unheard of.

Who knows, maybe "they" ramp this thing up 8% in 3 days....that would disembowel the few remaining bears, and then you could sell their livers to the Chinese and get some of that copper back. 

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