Saturday, January 16, 2010

Eclipses and Earthquakes

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Deep down, we all know that the sun is the source of life.  Without the energy from the sun, our civilization would quickly come to an end.  The sun, sunspots and their related burst of additional energy which actually have a cooling effect by creating more clouds, and of course gravity affect us greatly.   when the sun goes away in a Solar Eclipse, we all freak out a little.

An eclipse is always accompanied by a full or no moon.  Eclipse is when everything lines up.   Either the moon is between the earth and sun, with gravitational forces being added, or the moon is opposite the sun with the Earth in the middle, with gravitational forces subtracting.

When massive plates of the earth crust move around and build up energy all they may need is a little more pull in one direction to set off an earthquake.

We just had a devastating earthquake and an important eclipse. 

By the way...we have had a very low period of sunspots, a record level "minimum".   It surprised the NASA scientists who were completely off the mark in their predictions.

You heard it here first....get ready for global cooling as the sunspot cycle kicks up, if it does kick up.  There are periods in history in which it changes greatly.  Yes, we may be effecting heat gain due to atmospheric conditions caused by burning fossil fuels.   Which factor will be more important?

An "eclipse season" occurs about every 173 days, and contains 2 or 3 eclipses (combined lunar and solar). For 1993 through 2020 inclusive, there are about 59 eclipse seasons, and the following ones have 3 eclipses. So about 8 out of 59 (14%) eclipse seasons have 3 eclipses, or about 8 times in 28 years (an average of once every 3.5 years). The probability of having three eclipses within a month is 14%.

In July 2009 there was a triple eclipse, and the world didn't come to an end.
List of "triples"
L 1998 (~August)
S 2000 (~July)
L 2002 (~June)
L 2009 (~July)
S 2011 (~June)
L 2013 (~May)
S 2018 (~July)
L 2020 (~June)

This link was "wrong"

But keep in mind something....we are all attached at the mind.  It is related to why we move in herds.  You can choose to not believe this at your own risk.   When disaster strikes an area like Haiti, its effect spread throughout the world.   Triples allow the chance for multiple disasters.   The old "push me pull me" effect on the earth can create chaos.  That affects the overall world social mood, and that affects the herd behavior of the stock market.  

The complex nature of the human brain and mind, the ability to peer into space and solve the root causes of physics effects, and the ability to dissect our own DNA, does not jive well with our self-benefit animalistic hard wired tendencies.  It makes for all kinds of crazy behavior as we try to convince ourselves that we are above the other animals in a manner of type, and not a manner of degree.   And then small lies turn into big lies as we try to protect our most important but most vulnerable asset, our ego.

However, all that said, a couple hundred million a day of government intervention in buying futures on the stock market to ramp it up, it an effective way to negate the reality of the situation.  But when the chips come down, and herd starts to run, all that intervention will only have served to make the problem worse and the run for the exits even more damaging.

As I said we have just experienced a period of VERY low sunspots.   This affect us humans in a number of ways, one of which is thermal energy.

Check out this 10 Minute Financial History of the US, to support the Sunspot Chart

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