Friday, January 29, 2010

Fear Factor

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Fear Factor is a new indicator I discovered way back in, well, last week.

I plot what I call Secondary Fear divided by Primary Fear.   And it makes a neat chart, it predicts big downs, and confirms rallies.

It's new.   Some fellow bloggers are going to try to help it by peering further back into history, which I cannot easily do on Prophet charts since I am using SLV and UUP, and SLV has only been around a few years.

So we will see what happens.

Sure appreciate your comments.  This stuff takes alot of time.  If you are looking at the same old indicators as everyone, you will probably get the same results that 90% of retail traders know what that is.

Picture lifted from Red Dragon Leo who does some Photoshop and is always entertaining!

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Right now on Fear Factor (aka FF), I am only watching for a break of the lower channel line.

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