Sunday, January 24, 2010

From the Land of F'n Brilliant

OK, let's do the Pollyanna routine that somehow there is even an ounce of fairness involved in all the Shenanigans going on this decade.

But c'mon now.  This new rule banning short sales would be absurd.  The idea that short sellers force the market down is absurd.

Short sellers force the market up, at least at the retail level.   At the Goldman and bed buddies level....sure they make the they take heavy short positions and then pull the has no where to go but down.  Read this synopsis of short selling.  I think it rings true.

But all that aside, the real issue is how are we to make money as the market collapses.  Because the game will be changed on the fly.  No doubt about it.

Consider Single Stock Futures.

And definitely have your accounts set up for Futures, and paper trade them.
Futures will let your emotions take over, the leverage does that.  Its a dangerous tool.

Shorts and puts may be made illegal.   But the big boyz won't let their tools of profit be eliminated.

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