Friday, January 15, 2010

A Musings

Did you ever stop to think that P3 is almost the same as PPT Plunge Protection Team. In this brave new world of GovSpeak meaning the exact opposite, that seems especially amusing.  Easy money, like another crack hit of liquidity, is guaranteed to eventually end up as a massive plunge.

Check out this moon chart--

A contributor to this site is developing a Grand Unification Theory (GUT) on human nature and the markets related to "Insane Hairless Monkey" theory. More on that later.

I will also continue work on my own GUT theory for Elliot Wave and how it makes sense and ties together everything from an evolutionary perspective. My goal is to be able to sum it all up in 2 paragraphs for you low attention span Stainless Steel Rats (SSRs)

Also, looking for any feedback to improve this blog....comment please.

I have been short on charts lately, just no time, and not willing to go long in this environment, also not willing to go short quite yet. Holding some core long term short positions and many month options.

I will consider doing some guest posts.

PRSGuitars has allowed me to use his 133% channel theory and publish data. I have not had time to put this together, but he does some awesome charts.

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