Sunday, January 10, 2010

Overheard Today

I was doing a pre-construction inspection this last weekend at a clients house.   The wife had 2 ladies visiting, and they were selling financial products of various sorts.

As I walked by the door I heard one of them implore....why don't you put some money into the stock market, everything is "on sale".

The real unemployment:

But Obama, will create 17,000 green jobs as a cost of $2.3B, at a cost of $135,000 per job.

So freakin' stupid....just give businesses interest free loans (and families for that matter) so they can do their own reneweable energy systems.

The money will be spent responsibly.  If they default, the equipment becomes the government's who can sell it off or lease to someone else, or whatever.  C'mon, at least let a portion of the market work normally.

I got some harassment from a blogger stating that supporting renewable energy is a waste of money, since reneweable energy is expensive compared to oil or coal.   The point----what is the true cost of oil and it's byproducts.  By products such as the 20 YO soldier flying home in a body bag, or the massive CO2 or mercury being released into the atmosphere.   What is the true cost of oil and coal?

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