Friday, January 22, 2010

Recap of recent theories:

A very good blog participant asked:  (Transworlddepravity)

"Steve I think I understand what your charts are showing but can you explain it. Does it have anything to do with what's happening to the $TYX. I know Gary from keeps track of it. Not sure if I understand the full implication other than long term yields are going through the roof. Hello mortgage interest?"
Too much Information Answer---
Money had been leaving US equities for a long time, even though the US equities have been going up--- 80% of the up is on the weekends, overnight futures ramps are also easy to see.

In other words, this entire rally has been a fabricated piece of shit. Fueled by off market hours manipulation via futures, and sucking up the bear money by ramp jobs.

Money is going into bonds...which have "benefited" from Gov telling PIMPCO that they will not let others default on their so called "secured bonds", as long as PIMPCO, pimps up the bond market by bidding it up.

While Iran was publicly saying how they were getting out of the dollar, the US was depressing the dollar while pumping the equities and the bond market. Iran was selling dollars into an abyss. This was to punish them prior to what's next, and who knows?

Check out this picture of long versus near term rates.

Buy some gold weekly and be happy for it. Store it in a safe place. The bank depository may be OK but don't be sure about that.

Why 666 wasn't the bottom, not even close....

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