Friday, January 1, 2010

Sucking on the Gov Teats

This guy did a funny video on taking advantage of Gov handouts.

I went to the site he used to calculate his benefits.  There are so many Government benefit  programs, it is almost beyond belief.

In my business, we design and build renewable energy systems.   Solar Hot Water and Solar Electric PV mostly.  The systems we installed just last year will probably save our customers $10,000,000....that much less oil burned to produce electricity. 

If I calculate the hourly rate I would receive after taxes and the like, it would be....well, not that great in relation to the responsibility and the headaches involved.

So instead of working hard to advance the economy and make our country stronger, if I backed off and just took an occasional project that I won through "sales" at a high price, I could maybe only work 1.5 days per week.  

I could do whatever in the rest of the time...maybe trade.

AND I would be eligible for 67 Government Assistance Programs.

This country is doomed until this entitlement thinking and expectations are eliminated. 

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