Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sunday Rant on "Advertising"

A book could be written on this, but I'll keep it to your attention span.  I always laugh at Fisher's book...."The Only Three Things That Count" and then he takes 448 pages to explain.

Data collection and marketing have become dangerous.

When you go to Safeway, and enter your "code" it lets them track how you make purchase decisions.   Hot dog buns (in 8's) may be on sale, and then they overprice hot dogs (in 10's), and they see how effective this is in the long run to take more money from you.

That's the tip of the iceberg.   More online purchases make it easier for Marketer's to figure out the best way to get to you.  

It's dangerous.   People have already been "Oversold".   How many Harley's and Big Screen TV's do you need in your Garage/ Man Cave?  The ability to collect data on people and "get the best of them" is reaching unprecedented levels. 

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