Thursday, January 28, 2010

Total Gut Feeling, well based on 100 charts

My trading style will be based on--

Within 2 to 3 days...

USD find a temporary top and goes down.

Gold is on its trendline and may bounce up sharply, silver also

Eur may stage a good bounce.

SPY also bounce and beat up on new bears....this drop is about equal to others in this "rally",

DBA commodities at a trendline

Enough bear excitement out there....take them for a ride again. 

Fear Factor hasn't broken down, even with the original drop today.

Chart of Charts -- WELL do you feel lucky punk?   This one has 5DMA 10, and 20 all crossed over to bearish.  This is rare.   This market "should" go down.

Below a couple of "lifted" charts

How about a short sharp spike (3 to 4 days and 50 ES points) up to rip the bears and re-encourage the bulls...."haha I knew the bull was just trapping the bears" haha, before the path to SPX 200....hmmmm I like it, diabolical. 

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