Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Fear Factor at the 50% channel line

Interesting to see if the FF is going to breakout above the 50% channel line, or bounce down.

To review, a breaking of the 0% channel line (the lower trend line) is thought to be very bearish. 

The PPT doesn't even know about the FF, but seems like they will defend it anyway.  Time will tell.   Governments are reactionary, they define the herd, usually taking the worst action at the perfectly wrong time. 

Interventionists that are thinking that they can break a business cycle are perhaps the most dangerous of them all.  Some say the US pumped about $13T into the money supply in order to eek out a few hundred billion in GDP gain (compared to an abysmal previous year).  

Not a good return on investment.

For the moment though, I can't be bearish on equities.   I still hold some puts and 2X short, but hedged with long futures.

However that said....trend changes after moons can take several days to play out, so just like the EUR/USD currency pair did a massive ramp and then dump, we could have the same effect on equities. 

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