Wednesday, February 3, 2010

How big was the Stimulus that jacked up the GDP by $100B approx

My thoughts have always been a stimulus in the range of $13T for the US.   Just a guess, gut feeling. 

We demonstrated quite clearly how just he currency swap issue was over $560B.
The audacity of the misinformation, and now it seems that the goal is to help small business by giving it $30B in loans...almost sounds like a classic ECH--Economic Hit Man routine that Cheney was doing 30 years ago.

Saddle them with debt, then take them over or better yet....let them think they are free, but control them.

This video is even more extreme than my gut meanderings.

Comments appreciated.

Fear Factor...Honestly....I don't think this is a bear flag....I think a good week of whoopin' up on the administrations "stock market" got some "RAMP" money flowing again.  

So happy I flattened all my shorts last Friday (except some long term SPY puts)

Late night ---emerging markets, esp China are going to "save us".    Think about what happens when (if) China and other EM's stop buying US products and products sold by US based conglomerates in their own and neighboring countries.

Just saying, think about it.   Don't feed on the standard bullshit...humans are naturally bullish....that doesn't mean they are right in this case.

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