Friday, February 5, 2010

The MM's / HBB aren't going to make it easy to bank coin, FF chart, TBT

Hope you folks are liking the Fear Factor.

Expecting a snapback rally, along with media hype on "how resilient this market is".  Timing is very important in the market, and the weekends are important time.  Time for media spin, barbeque conversations, and a chance for the wise to get out hiking to a waterfall and regain the view from 20,000 feet.

Media spinning hard already....see I told you to buy the the dip, maybe, buy the dip....well I think they call that a dip-shit.

The FF almost broke the lower trend line today.

I had heavy heavy FAZ and QID from Thursday....and got my stops perfectly hit at the open (which I couldn't attend this morning -- 4:30AM in Hawaii). VERY VERY annoying.

On Chart attached is the "Fear Factor" and also some index channels, analysis, and upside targets I am watching.

I left Friday with kayak full of UWM (ultra long Russell) on the books.  Definitely a gamble.  Remember in 2007 2008---weekends were the breeding ground for amazing Gov announcements that rallied the markets.   But it could go either way, say like an announcement to missile Iran.

More to come on the weekend.  Hopefully I can get to Chart of Charts, and maybe even the mutual fund money flows from ISI.

Also a look at EEM, FSLR, CMG, and some of my other favorite poster children of charts.

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