Thursday, February 18, 2010

My Real Trade Ideas

Don't do what I do, I am plumb loco! 

I have mostly near term short positions, and one long (NQ futures).

I expect a bunch of bears to jump into the fray tomorrow AM.....then with tinfoil hat firmly in place....a massive ramp at end of day, trapping most bears.   Then lots of upbeat media over the weekend stating how the economy is so good we can raise rates....

But as corrupt as these guy are, don't think they are pure dumb.    That currency swap thing for like $650B they did, actually turned out in the US favor, and it did greece the worlds wheels a little.

This maneuver can make flight to dollar strong, perhaps flight to Gold strong as Europe wants to sell gold. 
From my previous post, the idea is from Jammermpu, but charts are from me....this could be a very bullish run....a final crushing of the bear spirits....many bears will just try to get a job they will be that desperate!

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